New rebranding for for 2012. As part of the Joomla Upgrade from V1.5 to V1.7 in preparation for V2.5 later this spring, I took the opportunity to deploy one of the latest templates by Joomlabamboo which utilizes the new Zengride Framework 2.0 and Zentools. The template is the Dec 2011 club template Platform. The template is a fluid design and as part of the new responsive templates being designed by Joomlabamboo, the site reconfigures depending on the size of the monitor or if viewed on a mpbile devise like an iPhone, Android or tablet.


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If you are interested in a quotation for any of the services dc2 provides, please feel free to contact us.


About dc2

DWC_BW-w400Who is dc2? dc2 is Don Crawford Jr. a freelance designer and creative. Always being creative in one way or another his entire life, Don now specializes in photography, web design and management, CADD design and drafting for commercial and residential projects and general business graphics.

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